Sunday, August 31, 2008

What are you made of...

Frequently while writing the essays we get overly obsessed by our work experience and academic performance and forget that we are not the sum of these two alone.. there is something more to us that make us different from all the others having a similar profile or similar experience. This is reflected in the our culture, choices we make, our approach to problems, things that keep us going. Frequently this  is overlooked.

I came across an excellent blog on this aspect of the application...

Will i be proud to call you a fellow alum

This blog talks about essays "merely putting some why's and examples to the Resume"

Something worth sharing....


  1. hey just wanted to say cool stuff and i look forward to following your journey. what have you done experience wise and what are you looking to do after receiving your MBA?

  2. hey man,

    my university gives GPA on a 4 point scale. So, I did not have to convert it. ATB!

  3. receiving MBA is not that much easy... We must give our full dedication to our studies...