Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time for plan B..... when reality strikes

The Round 1 results of most Bschools out. For some it signals the end of the search of their dream BSchool. But for others like me the hunt is still on. Things haven't looked up since my last post.  After the Three C's (read Columbia, Cornell and  Chicago) came three d's (read Dinged without interview).The denial notification as always is  diplomatic...."you are a fine candidate... but sorry we will not offer you admission".

Although the Admissions Committee has given careful consideration to your application for admission to Columbia Business School, we are unable to offer you a place in the class. The number of students who apply for admission to the School is many times greater than those we can accept. It is unavoidable that we must disappoint many fine candidates.
It was extremely difficult to make this decision, and we sincerely hope that our inability to accept you will not discourage you from seeking other ways to achieve your goals. If you wish to reapply to a future term, please visit our website at for a reapplication checklist.
Linda B. Meehan
Assistant Dean, Executive Director for Admissions


Thank you for applying to Chicago Booth's Full-Time MBA Program. Your application has received the careful consideration of our Admissions Committee. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you admission to the Class of 2011.
The superb quality of this year's applicant pool presented the Admissions Committee with some difficult decisions. Three members of the Committee reviewed your application in its entirety before our decision was made. Applicants are evaluated on several criteria, including academic preparedness, professional achievements, communication skills, extracurricular/community involvement, leadership, self-awareness, understanding the value of the MBA experience, and fit with Chicago Booth.
We certainly appreciate the effort you put into this process, and we wish you every success as you continue to plan for your future.

Rosemaria Martinelli
Associate Dean, Student Recruitment and Admissions

The Admissions Committee of the Johnson School at Cornell University completed a comprehensive review of your application. After careful consideration, we will not offer you admission to the Johnson School. We appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to completing the application. This was a difficult decision for us since many applicants exhibit unique strengths. Competition for the MBA program remains especially rigorous and we must deny admission to many fine candidates each year. Thank you for your interest in the Johnson School. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors.


Results are awaited for Yale and Stern. I have put the Tuck application on hold. However after these three straight dings (10 if you count the 7 dings in the previous application season),  I have started doubting my chances in these schools. 
Everything is in a state of flux. The 720 gmat score no longer looks competitive. The CA & CFA qualifications doesn't seem to add weight to the applications.  I have second thoughts about spending another $200 - $225 on an application . 

Now it's either applying to a safe schools or finding alternate means to achieve my  career goal. 

That's all for now.

Congrats to all  those who made it to their dreams schools....

For others Happy hunting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!