Sunday, August 17, 2008

So what's your style

A friend of mine,after reading my essays, said an interesting point . This friend was born and brought up in India. Six years back he went to US to pursue an MBA degree and is living in US since then.

He told that there are couple of ways to write a paragraph.
  • One is Deductive Approach. Here you say a lot initially and then arrive at the end result towards the last part of the paragraph.
  • Other is the Inductive Approach. It means you state what you want to mention in the first couple of sentences then expand them in the later part of the paragraph.
The writings and presentations in US are generally more inductive rather than deductive. We Indians typically tend to follow the deductive approach in all our writings. Mine is no exception. He told that it would help me if I am more inductive in my essays (though it is the content of the essays that will make the eventual difference).

Something worth noting ....


  1. Nice thought, something I have increasingly realized in the last couple of years of applications.

  2. You are absolutely right!!! You gave a fancy name to it though. I agree that it should be the inductive way, it gives the reader and idea what he/she is going to read about. I learnt it the hard way though...

  3. Certainly helps to know this !

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