Sunday, July 20, 2008

The list is out !!! (Better Late than never...)

As mentioned in my previous post I am targeting 7 schools initially and planning to apply to all of them in the first round. This is more or less my final list.
  1. Wharton
  2. Columbia
  3. Chicago
  4. Tuck
  5. Cornell Johnson
  6. Texas Austin (Mc Combs)
  7. Carnegie Mellon: Tepper.
Changes if any will happen in the last two on the list. Two other colleges which I has to keep aside after lots of thoughts were Darden and Michigan Ross. In case none of the 7 applications gets converted into interview calls, I would probally apply to 2 -3 more colleges. I have not zeroed in in these round 2 schools (I sincerely pray that I would'nt have to). Some tentative schools for round 2 are Michigan&, Darden ( incase I dont apply in round 1), ISB, Vanderbilt, Fisher.

I know that even 7 Bschools in round 1 will be a huge task (my previous experience says so:).

I will start with Schools like Columbia and Mc Combs which have rolling applications. More on these Bschools & Applications in the next few days...

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  1. If you try to apply to all seven schools R1, you will have weak applications. There's so much thought and rewriting that needs to go into essays and you want to submit the best possible. Plus a minimum of 14 recs (7 x 2) is near impossible in that timeframe, you're putting too much pressure on your recommenders.
    I would target 4 for round 1 and 3 for round 2.

  2. Hello King Leonidas. Great movie, btw. Fellow fall applicant to Wharton and Chicago, I am...

    I think Soni hit it right on. Seven schools for round one might be a little too much. Unless you have different recommenders for each school and you have all the time to commit to essays. I hear five is the max, and even that is hard for one round.

    But in any case, best of luck to you and stay in touch!


  3. Hello Soni & earlyBird

    You people are probally right. Planning seven applications in round 1 is being over enthusiastic.

    I think sending 5-6 application is achivable in round 1 if planned properly.

  4. Thats a good list ! Though I agree with Soni and earlybird, I'll be applying to around 7-8 schools in R1 myself. Will take a call at around end of august to judge my progress and whether I should break the number down into 2 Rounds.

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